Client Comments

Steve Reynolds, Managing Director, Coldstream Developers, LLC. 

(518) 524-0327

Client Comments

Buzz Lloyd, Lloyd Builders - Fayetteville, NC

(910) 484-8180

Client Comments

James W. Caldwell, PE, Eco Engineering, Research Triangle Park, NC

"Odell Smith & Sons was the contractor for the rehabilitation of the Blue Lake Dam in Whispering Pines, North Carolina. The work performed by Mr. Smith and his company was excellent with minimal delays and problems. The dam rehabilitation was completed to specifications with Mr. Smith's crew making the necessary field adjustments and judgements with a thorough attention to detail and diligence rarely seen, always keeping the interest of the project first. Upon completion of the project, the 'as-built' survey of the rehabilitation was returned to our office for analysis and verification. This survey showed that not only was the work done with care and within specifications, but also with an unparalleled level of precision. This job was one of the very few jobs I have been the engineer of record on where the first 'as built' survey showed that the job was built within the tight tolerances and specifications shown on the construction documents with no additional adjustments or regarding necessary for final certification.

The detail, thoroughness, common sense and work ethic that Mr. Smith and his crew demonstrated are second to none. We have worked with Mr. Smith on other endeavors after this project and have always been impressed with what they have done. I would recommend Odell Smith & Sons without reservation." 

Daniel Dodd, Barnhill Contracting Project Manager

"I have known Ken for approximately 17 years, and during this time he has shown himself to be a credit to the construction industry. Our paving crews have always considered Odell Smith & Sons one of the best companies to work with. I know that Ken conducts his business professionally, with an emphasis on quality management. Ken and his crews have demonstrated their quality, proficiency, and timeliness on the numerous projects that they have constructed in the Sandhills Area."

James Kizer, VP of Moorman, Kizer & Reitzel, PE

"Ken frequently goes beyond the call of duty to insure that his projects are completed on time and within budget, and is quick to point out any potential concerns prior to work commencing."

Client Comments

John Hornaday, Hornaday Homes, LLC

"We have used Odell Smith & Sons for a large mobile home community, a 120 lot subdivision (Inverness) and several smaller projects including Churchill Manor, a twenty two unit town house project. I admire Ken for his honesty, commitment to quality, and his easy going nature."

Albert E. Norton, Skan Electric, LLC

"Skan Electric has had the pleasure of working with Odell Smith & Sons on several projects for the past two years. Through past performance I believe their company to be dependable, reliable and honest. They have demonstrated to us their qualifications as to competency, ability, integrity and financial responsibilities to complete any contract assigned to them. They have demonstrated the working capabilities to complete projects as specified in contract requirement as well as how the job was scheduled to be installed. They were always concerned with insuring the work was installed correctly as well as the appearance of the work being placed, knowing it represented us as well as themselves.

E. Frank Weaver, III, Weaver Development Co., Inc.

"Smith has completed several projects for us over the past 15 years, and we are completely satisfied with its performance. Our primary concern with all projects is that they are completed on time and stay within our projected costs. Smith has consistently accomplished that requirement.